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Aircraft Caddy

Aircraft Caddy
Aircraft Caddy
Product Code : 15K
Product Description

AIRCRAFT TUGS: Lindy's Aircraft Caddy 15K

Airport Tug: Manufactured for aircraft up to 15,000 lbs and without wheel pants

These aircraft tugs are designed to push, pull and maneuver aircraft up to 15,000 lbs in an airport, FBO or hangar for the aviation industry. Our aircraft tugs come with an easy-on roller cradle that slides effortlessly under the nose wheel of any airplane. Once the nose wheel of the aircraft is loaded in the cradle, the cradle has a 5th wheel style turning that allows our aviation tugs to turn a full 180 degrees underneath the wheel of the aircraft without turning the wheel or steering mechanism of your aircraft. The lever handle and cable system on our airport tugs locks and releases the easy-on cradle when loading and unloading aircraft.

Lindy's Aircraft Tugs Operations

After Lindy's Aircraft Tugs have safely secured the nose wheel of the aircraft in the easy-on wheel cradle, one operator can easily maneuver aircraft in tightly stacked aviation hangars or staging on an airport ramp. Our airport tugs have a smooth acceleration and braking system resulting from variable speed twist grip handlebars with forward and reverse 0-2 mph operations that eliminates the jerkiness found in gas powered aircraft tugs. Plus, the quietness of the electric motor allows the operator to safely manipulate their airplane without the loud, aggravating, unsafe noise that goes with operating combustion engine aviation tugs. Our aircraft tugs work great in the harsh weather conditions, such as snow, sleet, or ice, as well as on gravel, dirt, or grass.

Lindy's Aircraft Tugs Features, Specifications, and Dimensions

·         Heavy Duty Steel Frame

·         2000 lb. Differential / Transaxle

·         2:1 Gear Reduction with chain to drive tires

·         High Tech Speed Controller

·         Neutral Throttle Braking

·         Adjustable Acceleration/Braking

·         36v (2) 85 Amp Batteries

·         Variable Speed Twist Grip

·         0-2 mph Forward/Reverse

·         Battery Discharge Indictor

·         Onboard Charger

·         Non-marking Foam Filled Tires

·         Easy-on/off wheel cradle with 5th wheel style turning

·         Lever and Cable system for releasing and locking wheel cradle

·         Control handle bars flip up for shipping and storage